tim cragg





For Me Tim In The Future

40 C- Type Prints with 12 Sound Pieces

12 photographic projects with accompanying sound pieces that explore the bi-directional link between self-identity and memory. Part performance, these autobiographical projects are created to be watched in the future. If our self views are influenced by what we remember of the past then this body of work serves as an memory bank of the internal themes that made me 'me' in the present.

Created over 15 years the project's heartbeat revolves around the loss of memory and the erosion and destruction of things loved and lost, the inevitability of memory erosion and the relationship this has with self identity.

It serves to leave behind a record of being, not in the superficial ingenious social media way but in a way that makes some sense of the beauty in sorrow, and one that celebrates honesty above the highlights and trophies so often presented of a life lived. The project has been photographed on 70mm Kodak film.







South Africa