tim cragg



you look like him

what once was

nowhere but somewhere

the sound I saw










Tim Cragg

You Look Like Him

10 Traditional C - Type Prints

Sound - 1 min 30 sec

The act of autobiographical photography allows me to take possession of ‘my story’.

Conscious, staged masked self-portraits, are set in abandoned landscapes, they depict a world unhabituated, alone, lost, and bewildered.

Tim Cragg

Room 808

10 x Traditional C-Type Prints

Sound - 2 min 20 sec

Self portraits taken in hotel rooms.

Who Are You

1 x Lambda Archival Print

2 x Light Box

Environmental portraits of circumstantial passer bye’s stare back at the viewer. With a uniformed composition they stand uncomfortably out of reach but united as individuals all seemingly from somewhere.They equally share the frame with the landscape they stand in front of, as if pronouncing the land as a representation of where they come from. We are defined by the landscape, the space we occupy. If the space defines who we are, then our being defines the space we occupy? This piece explores the notion of displacement, not feeling an alignment with your space and what impact this has on ones understanding of self?

A Journey Around My Room

A Journey Around My Room






South Africa